ICC-Staffing Pvt Ltd.  was founded in 2005 with a distinctive vision and structure aimed at achieving two basic goals - to place our clients' interests first and to lead our profession in creating value for our clients through the assessment and recruitment of top-level management resources.

ICC-Staffing Pvt. Ltd. is an executive search Company with primary focus on search and recruitment of Topnotch professionals at Senior management level across industries .Since our founding in 2005, ICC-Staffing  has been the preferred recruitment partner for top MNCs, and today has evolved as the India's premier provider of talent management solutions.
Finding skilled resources and retaining them is a challenge that many companies face. We at ICC-Staffing with experience in Executive search, Human Resource Management and Consulting help you find the right candidates for your company.
We have a very simple business philosophy which is to serve both the clients and applicants honestly and efficiently at all times.
We had a requirement for the role of Manager - HR. We shared this requirement with ICC-Staffing on 10th Feb 2012 at 7.02pm and on the same day by 7.30pm (which was less than half an hour time), there were 3 CVs matching the JD in my inbox. Thats the fastest I have ever received CV’s. I'll admit ICC-Staffing is one of my preferred recruitment partners. I have to give it to you.. You guys delight me with your TAT’s !!"
- HR Manager
MNC Rating & Research client
"We had a requirement for the role of Social Media Administrator and since it is a very niche profile we were finding it difficult to get the right people. We shared this requirement with ICC-Staffing on 5th June, 2012 at 4pm . The very same day at 5.30pm within one and half hours there were 3 CVs matching the JD in my inbox. And interviews were on the very next day. I would rate ICC-Staffing very high for their quality and amazing TAT"
- HR manager
Research Company
We had a requirement for the role of GM In-licensing, which is a very niche role in the market. We had shared the requirement with ICC-Staffing. They had committed that they will close the position and had send 4 quality resumes and as committed, the position was closed by them in a week’s time and the candidate joined us within a month
- Sr HR Manager
Leading Pharma Company
We rate TopGear very high for the quality of CVs and the TAT. We had a requirement for Brand Manager, General Manager-Marketing, Manager-Market Research, Manager-Accounts etc for India as well as for our Overseas Location - Dubai, Russia, India, Singapore, Bangladesh and Nepal and they reverted with quality CVs immediately without even the JD in hand sometimes. This shows their understanding of the role and the industry. The position was closed in a specified time.
- HR Manager
A Leading FMCG Company
ICC-Staffing has proved to be an excellent recruitment service provider to me on more than one occasion. I have always felt assured sharing a critical position with ICC-Staffing because I knew that the CVs would be with me on the promised deadline and almost all interviewable. It has been a great experience working with them and would recommend everyone to have Top Gear as your key recruitment partner especially for critical and niche positions.”
- Dy Manager Corporate HR
I would rate ICC-Staffing Ltd very highly in terms of delivery of work, both in terms of quality as well as consistency.”
- HR Manager
KOTAK Securities
ICC-Staffing Pvt Ltd has been a sourcing partner with us for over an year now. Their team has developed deep understanding of our diverse business models and have responded to our unique requirements with clarity, quality and speed. We recommend them for specific skills sourcing.
- HR Manager - Talent Acquisition
Fast & furious are the adjectives that can be associated with ICC-Staffing .I have been interacting with them for almost 2 years. An incredible delivery time and extremely amazing understanding of business .Kudos!!!!
- HR Manager
Leading General Insurance Company